The story begins in 2010 as two friends Paul Villalba & Matt Hibbert a.k.a Mibzy started their new venture King Of Paint. King of Paint (KOP) was what Bristol’s graffiti and street art community had long been waiting for: a focal-point, in the heart of the city, just round the corner from the UK’s largest decriminalised painting zone, Stokes Croft. On the surface KOP was a spray paint outlet and gallery space, but soon developed into a hub for artists, run by artists (such as Harriet a.k.a Hazard joining in 2011), a space dedicated to giving the city’s scene a much-needed, designated space; to exhibit, meet, hang out, draw and paint. Surely enough with dedicated outdoor painting spaces, well-lit interior walls, spray paint on tap and tables where artists could sit and sketch over a cup of tea; KOP rapidly developed into Bristol's leading graffiti & street-art space. The gallery expanded, showcasing the likes of Banksy, Inkie, Cheo, David Walker - even supplying the artists at See No Evil festival, KOP was not only catering for an increasingly international art scene but thriving under the support of art buyers, collectors and enthusiasts. 

It was in the summer of 2013 that Mibzy became noticabley unwell. With a turn of events increasingly bad to worse, Matt found out he had a brain tumour and within a week was preparing himself for brain surgery. With life changing surgery at the Neurology department of the B.R.I the months that followed were testing. Although remaining positive with his wicked sense of humour throughout, Mibzy passed away on 14th July 2014.

King of Paint was no longer. With support, funding, artworks - nothing could replace what made King of Paint such a vibrant, welcoming and successful space. 

In the summer of 2015, Paul Villalba, Harriet and Nick Bloor (a close friend to Matt & KOP's website creator) decided to meet and discuss the continuation of Mibzy's passion along with King of Paint. We wanted to bring his enthusiasm, knowledge & ideas together whilst creating a platform where we could bring world renowned artists and artwork to the public. KOP & Hibbert was born.

KOP & Hibbert are high end contemporary art specialists, housing originals and prints from the world's leading artists. We are an online gallery and pop-up show extraordinaires.